Children Learning Reading

Children Learning Reading

Veteran Reading Teacher Reveals The Proven Formula That Enables Any Parent To Easily Teach Their Child To Become An Amazing Reader

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Early Reading Makes Your Child SMARTER

This ONE SIMPLE FORMULA Will Teach Your Child To Read Even at The Age of 2 This is a proven teaching method you can use to teach your child to read faster & easier! This program shows you exactly how to teach all this through step-by-step phonics & PA lessons combined with fun games and activities to transform children from not knowing even letters and sounds to eventually reading chapter books and novels! YES! Give My Child The Best Tools To Succeed!

3 Ways on How to Teach Your Child to Read

Learning to read at an early age is a good developmental sign of any child. It will help the child communicate effectively and read and understand the message on any printed object. This will help them read stories and rhymes on their own. It will be a new source of enjoyment for them. Every child has a different growth and development rate. Some learn to read faster and some are slower. It is recommended for guardians to move with the child’s normal progress rate. They can provide proper books and worksheets to help them improve their reading skills. Parents or guardians are the first teacher of a child who makes them aware of reading skills, motor skills and different activities in their day-to-day life. Here are few tips for parents to help a child to read. mother-and-child-reading-book

#1. Teach the alphabet along with its sound

When teaching a child to read, teach them the alphabets and their phonetic sounds simultaneously. According to a recent research, children who are taught letters and their sounds together tend to learn better and faster. According to an experiment done on 58 students who were picked randomly, were given a task to imbibe directions based on number i.e., control group, names and sounds of letters and sounds of letters only. After a certain period of time, it was observed that those children who were given sound and letter names simultaneously were able to recognize the sounds of letters that had hints to their sounds. This shows that it is best to teach the child the sound of the letter while tracing it along speaking the sound aloud. For example, when teaching the alphabet “A”, say: “A/(ah)/ sound is made by the alphabet A” While, pronouncing the letter /A/ with its sound also using the index finger imitate its pattern.

#2. Teach your child the reading pattern early on

Always show the proper reading pattern to your child when teaching a child at an early age. Show them to read from left to right, or from top to bottom while reading numbers. We, as grown-ups, might feel it to be an easy concept, but to a child, this can however seem to be fascinating as they are not born with that knowledge. Sometimes, it is observed that children tend to read from right to left as they were not taught at the beginning. So, it is important to emphasize on this point.

#3. Teach your child rhyming words at first

Those words which rhyme with “and” and “at” can help them learn the words associated with it. Thus, final consonant blends should be taught at the early phase. Mat Cat Pat Bat Vat Chat Spat Stand Grand Hand Land Band Wand e-reading See if your child has good grasp over the sounds of consonants and vowels. If so,  you can start teaching words that blends. It is not necessary to wait till the time that he or she masters the sound but when your parental instinct says that he can now understand blends of letters, you can start teaching them 3-letter words. Every child needs different time to respond than the other. Inculcating reading skills is not difficult but a lengthy process. A child who is two years or so can start learning to read with logical and habitual steps while children who are of higher age can achieve better and faster.

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Having taught kids to read for 10 years, I know how critical it is to learn the proper pronunciation of phonics sounds. Children that learn the incorrect pronunciation of sounds can experience difficulties when learning to read.

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Children Learning Reading Phonics Foundations Program

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